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Get the most out of your stay at Disneyland


We wash and dry your laundry during the day.


We come and collect your dirty laundry directly at your place. We bring you a 60-liter bag that corresponds to a 8-12 kg medium-sized suitcase. You can fill the bag with your polo shirts, t-shirt, undergarments, socks and any non-fragile items of yours.


Then, let us take care of your landry and enjoy your day !

Depending on your needs, our deliverer drops off your clean, dry and folded laundry at your place in 8 hours or in 24 hours.

We can bring back your clean laundry either in the evening at 5p.m. or the next day at 09 a.m.

Our express laundry services prices (per 60-liter bag)


- Delivery in 24 hours: €39 (incl VAT)

- Delivery in 08 hours: €45 (incl VAT)


Delivery prices:

- Drop and / or collection directly at the laundry: free

- Collection of your dirty laundry at your place: €4,50 (incl VAT)

- Home delivery of your clean laundry: €4,50 (incl VAT)

Fast and reliable, our laundry service will save you time for what really matters !

Merci pour votre envoi !

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